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living on site, self build

the things we have learnt living in the caravan during winter

  1. Olive oil sets hard when cold
  2. An iPad does not charge when it is out of battery and is caravan cold
  3. A front door with a single glazing, excessive condensation and minus temperatures means it will freeze shut and require a hefty kick before anyone can leave the caravan
  4. You need to keep your gas bottles wrapped up or the gas will freeze
  5. Doing the washing up is a great way to warm up your hands
  6. My mum and dad provide an excellent laundry service
  7. I have become worryingly attached to our electric blanket and dehumidifier……..I have never owned either before, but cannot imagine caravan life without them…..well I can, but it is a grim world of freezing sheets and condensation
  8. Heating both the plates and cutlery before dinner is essential of your food and hands are freezing after the first bite
  9. Wellies are the footwear of choice
  10. Chopping wood for the stove is both essential and therapeutic after a week at work
  11. A good nights sleep when the wind is gusting at over 50 mph is possible thanks to earplugs and the knowledge that the caravan is firmly chained to the ground
  12. Never before have we been so happy for spring to arrive


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