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month12 – bye bye caravan

The blog is back and I’m delighted to say that we have moved into the house…..someone open the champagne. It’s not quite finished yet, with decorating, floorings and storage still in progress, but 12 months after we started clearing the plot we are finally in. Our trusty static caravan has been sold and made its … Continue reading

the things we have learnt living in the caravan during winter

Olive oil sets hard when cold An iPad does not charge when it is out of battery and is caravan cold A front door with a single glazing, excessive condensation and minus temperatures means it will freeze shut and require a hefty kick before anyone can leave the caravan You need to keep your gas … Continue reading

week 18 – a special delivery from australia……and a few wrong deliveries!

During week 18 the temperature finally crept above freezing and after almost four weeks of living with no water we could finally turn the taps on with confidence. We still had to live with the small issue that the temporary supply we were connected to from the old farm house has ‘bacteria’ in it, so drinking … Continue reading

weeks 14 &15 – finally an excuse to dig out the passports

After a lack of progress on site during the previous weeks we were finally back in business. The windy weather had passed and work could continue on the roof. The remaining sarking boards were installed before the entire roof was covered with an underlay ready for the slates. The weather was no longer causing the … Continue reading

week 13 – our unplanned renovation project

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2015 is gone and I’m already a few weeks behind with the blog. Back in week 13 there was little progress due to the weather……apparently gales force winds aren’t ideal conditions for working on the roof. On a more positive note we did make huge progress with … Continue reading

week 7 – windows, first floor and an unexpected visitor

We spent another few days on site this week trying to put the finishing touches to the caravan. After we arrived we headed over to the house to catch up with the builder and check out this weeks progress. On returning to the caravan I discovered that we had an unexpected visitor in the living room.  At … Continue reading

week 2 – digging, pouring and securing

After watching many a home build show, reading the magazines and attending numerous talks at self build shows we are well aware that house foundations can literally become a money pit.  Dodgy sub soil requires deeper foundations, more concrete and inevitably more money. Being the sensible souls that we are we had three trial pits dug at the site to check the … Continue reading

life is going to be one big holiday

With my work in Glasgow, Simon’s in Edinburgh and the house plot in Dunblane we are already doing a lot of driving to and fro across the central belt of Scotland and the build hasn’t even started. It was always our intention to rent a house in Dunblane during the build to ensure that we … Continue reading

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